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Heating Installation & Replacement

Heating Installation & Replacement

Expert Furnace & Heat Pump Installation in the Riverside, CA area

Although California winters are not freezing cold, it’s still a good idea to keep your heating system in mint condition so that it can handle tough conditions when they do arise. If your home heating system is no longer able to keep your home at a cozy 68-73 degrees during the winter, it’s time to consider a new furnace that can keep up with your comfort needs.

When Should You Contact Total Air Heating & Air Conditioning?

A heater could fail at any time. Luckily, our expert team at Total Air stays ready to jump in and help you deal with the situation. The heat pump or the furnace may just need a repair, or it might be time to consider replacing it altogether. Once we diagnose the problem we can discuss what is the right solution is for your home.

Call us if the furnace or heating system:

  • Does not turn on or fails to start.
  • Is constantly running without a break.
  • Turns on or off constantly.
  • Emits foul smells or unusual odors.
  • Makes jangling, clinking or knocking noises.
  • Does not evenly heat your home.

Heater Replacement in Riverside, CA

Having served Riverside and surrounding communities since 2012, we are proud to call ourselves a seasoned, certified team of HVAC experts. While many companies might have the basic skills to install a furnace, very few are as skilled and qualified as we are.

For one, we start work at 6 am sharp on all days, stopping at 7 pm during the week and at 5 pm on weekends, and we are quick to respond during working hours. Secondly, our pricing is straightforward with no surprises or sneaky fees. We really care about our customers and strive to make your HVAC service experience as easy as possible.

After all, at Total Air Heating & Air Conditioning we do not just sell heating and cooling equipment; we care passionately about ensuring your comfort and security. The quality of furnace or heat pump installation in your home is paramount to us. Our scheduling is kept flexible, with fair pricing and simple processes that work towards helping you to save time and money.

Troubleshooting Heating Problems for Smart Solutions

If your furnace or heating system is behaving abnormally, releasing strange odors, making grinding noises or is unable to heat your home you should call us. We will help to identify the problem, aim for a solution and ensure that the heating is in place and in working order. Our technicians look at your family’s heating usage and the house size, along the age of the system and the problem you furnace is having to determine whether you need repairs or a whole new system. If the heating system needs to be replaced we’ll guide you through your options, allowing you to make the right decision for your needs. From small problem fixes to more intricate repairs the team at Total Air is ready to take every issue on hand and deal with it in an appropriate manner. Total Air’s Exclusive No Failure Promise for Our Valued Customers When we replace your old heating system with a new one, any problems that may occur during the first year will be taken care of by us at no additional cost. This is Total Air’s promise to you, our valued customer. Call Total Air Heating & Air Conditioning at  (951) 339-2926  to get started today.