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Heating Services

Heating Services

Trusted Furnace Services in Riverside, CA

Total Air Heating & Air Conditioning has a solution for every heating problem that you could possibly face. Whether it is replacing an old furnace with a new one or repairing a breakdown, Total Air has your family covered.

At Total Air, our top priority is to ensure that your home stays heated even in freezing temperatures. We offer a wide variety of heating services and products and our expert team of skilled HVAC technicians is trained to service all types of heating systems, including heat pumps, electric furnaces and gas furnaces.

Heating Services from the Experts

Even though California is known for its warm weather there are cold spells when we need that heater! You could be in for a rude shock if your heat breaks down during a cold night and your family is without any comfort. The heating experts from Total Air will help you by providing all the necessary services for your heating system – installation, repair or routine checkups and maintenance.

Heat Pumps, Furnaces & More: Options at Total Air

At Total Air Heating & Air Conditioning we are specialists in installing, repairing and maintaining heating systems for residences. Anything that is capable of generating heat and distributing it to a specified area is a heater. Most homes in the US work on the principles of a central heating system that moves warm air throughout the house and ensures that all rooms are heated evenly.

A heat pump is capable of providing both heat and AC by using the heat transfer process to remove heat from an area where you don’t want it and deliver it to an area where you do. In winter the heat pump will pull heat from the outside air and deliver it to your indoor living area, while in summer the process is reversed and the heat pump removes your indoor heat to the outdoors.

A furnace works in tandem with an air conditioner and is responsible for providing heat when you need it. Furnaces can run on electricity, oil or gas. Whatever the fuel source, they create heat within their heat exchanger and rely on a fan to blow that heated air into your home.

Heat pumps and furnaces are extremely efficient heat sources for your home. Your Total Air technician can evaluate your home’s existing setup and your heating a cooling needs to make recommendations on the best heating system for your family.

Leave Your Heating Installation to the Experts: Total Air

The most crucial aspect of an efficiency and effective heating system is installing it correctly. Even the most prestigious brand will perform poorly if it is installed improperly. Total Air Heating & Air Conditioning will make sure that your heating system is installed correctly and working at its optimum level of efficiency. This will not only ensure lower energy bills but it will also go towards a longer-lasting heating system. Call us at  (951) 339-2926  today, and we will be happy to assist in your heating service endeavors!