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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance for Your Air Conditioner

When summer comes to California it doesn’t mess around. It gets baking hot in Riverside and other Inland Empire communities and the cool comfort of indoor air conditioning becomes a top priority for your comfort. It would be highly unfortunate for you if your AC ceases to work efficiently, leading to a lot of discomfort for your family.

That’s why it’s vital that you have AC maintenance done at least once a year. Ignoring the regular upkeep of your AC could turn into a nightmare of costly repairs and unnecessary agony for you.

Reasons Why AC Maintenance is a Must

When an air conditioner is not tuned up regularly, dirt and debris build up inside the unit. If unattended, this could lead to many problems:

Poor performance. Without preventative maintenance, your cooling equipment is subject to wear and tear that leads to frequent breakdowns. By cleaning and inspecting the unit each spring, Total Air will catch problems before they become breakdowns, saving you money and headaches.

Shorter working life. Air conditioners that don’t get regular maintenance experience more breakdowns and wear out faster. Regular air conditioning maintenance can increase your unit’s lifespan by as much as 50 percent!

Bad air quality. Dirt and debris in your AC system means dirt and debris in the air you breathe. This can leads to breathing issues related to allergies, asthma and sinus irritation. The cleaning your AC receives during annual maintenance will greatly improve your home’s air quality.

Make AC Maintenance Easy by Joining Total Air’s Tune-Up Club

Total Air Heating & Air Conditioning wants to make getting regular air conditioning maintenance as easy os possible. That why we created our Tune-Up Club. With three convenient payment options and reliable AC maintenance services, Total Air’s Tune-up club gives you peace of mind when it comes to AC performance.

Tune-Up Club payment options:

Pay As You Go: Pay $129 per tune-up at time of service

Pay Monthly: Monthly payments are $19.99 per month

Pay Once A Year: Pay yearly upfront – $219

What’s more, Total Air offers an exclusive No Failure Promise for you, our valued customer!

When we repair your old AC or replace it with a new one, any problems that arise within the first year will be taken care of by us at no additional cost to you. This is not a labor warranty but our promise to you. If your AC fails within a year of our repairing or replacing it we’ll resolve the issue without any labor or diagnostic charges.

Cherish the comfort of constant, reliable cool air with regular AC tune-up services from Total Air Heating & Air Conditioning! Call  (951) 339-2926  today!