Norco Heating & Air Conditioning Services

Cost-Effective HVAC Solutions

Having the right heating and air conditioning company at your side can make a huge difference. As a Norco, CA resident, you’ll want to ensure your HVAC contractor knows what they’re doing and offers affordable rates.

For all your air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality needs, you can count on Total Air Heating & Air Conditioning to be there for you with competitive rates and expert service. Our technicians are highly trained on all makes and models for residential service. We offer not only repairs but tune-ups, maintenance, and new installations.

Total Air is a fully licensed, insured company with fully licensed and insured technicians. Our team is ready for all types of service to keep you safe and comfortable in your Norco home.

Air Conditioning Tune-Ups for Norco

This is the time of year you want to call in a service technician for an air conditioning tune-up. Prior to the warm season, it’s important to get your AC in top shape for reliability. Total Air is your go-to air conditioning tune-up specialist in Norco, CA.

We’ll make sure your air conditioner is thoroughly checked, adjusted, cleaned where needed, and running perfectly. If repairs need to be made, we’ll let you know with an honest, upfront quote. If you want air conditioning equipment that lasts, runs reliably, and saves the most it can on energy bills, call for a tune-up today.

Norco Indoor Air Quality Cleaners & Humidifiers

When it comes to the quality of your indoor air, having a good whole home cleaner and humidifier is the ideal way to ensure it’s the best it can be at all times. Today’s systems use advanced technologies to make them easy to use and very efficient. Today’s whole-home air cleaners and humidifiers are installed directly into your existing HVAC system and require little from you as they automatically level the humidity in the air and thoroughly clean it.

For all your indoor air quality needs, Total Air can help you find and install the right equipment to meet your unique Norco home needs.

To request a service from our expert HVAC contractors in Norco, get in touch with us at (951) 788-0808! or online.