Air Conditioning Installation in Riverside

Easy, Reliable AC Installation for Homes & Businesses

If you need a professional to help install your new AC, contact Total Air Heating & Air Conditioning. We are the air conditioning installers in Riverside and the surrounding area that locals trust and for good reason. We provide complete air conditioner installation on all systems and brand names.

Whether you are looking to install a brand new air conditioner for a small home or a large central air conditioning system for a multi-level corporation, our company can tackle all jobs regardless of the size or scope. Our entire team of cooling technicians are state-licensed, insured, highly trained, and have several years of combined experience with all types of HVAC systems.

Contact us today for a consultation or to get an estimate for your AC service needs. We can have your new cooling equipment installed in no time.

The Advantages of Modern AC Units

If your old AC unit is costing you too much money in repairs and high energy bills each month, then it’s time to look into getting a new air conditioner. Modern cooling systems require far less energy to run than older systems. They also require less maintenance and last much longer—up to 20 years—with relatively few problems. They come with far more features, too, giving you greater control of your indoor comfort. Now is the time to consider switching out that old, worn system, for a brand new air conditioner from Total Air.

The key is finding the right model for your home or business that can provide cool air in every room while saving energy. Let our experienced professionals guide you and give you solutions that will make it as simple and easy as possible.

Some of the most common factors we take into consideration when recommending an AC unit include:

  • The size of the property including the number of rooms and occupants
  • The SEER or energy efficiency rating
  • Available warranties
  • Advanced features for increased comfort and convenience
  • Our customer’s budget

With the right tools and the right Riverside air conditioning company, you can have a new system that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Top-of-the-Line Cooling Systems from Total Air

Your air conditioning system is one of your greatest investments. Considering that most air conditioners will last one to two decades, then it’s vital that you invest in the highest quality system on the market. Sure, you may save money on the front end with a cheaper unit, but you’ll end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars more over the long run in higher energy bills and ongoing air conditioning repairs. Do it smart and do it right the first time with Total Air. Our air conditioning company in Riverside, CA can help you find the right AC for you that will run efficiently and trouble-free for years to come.

If you are looking for an air conditioning installation professional in Riverside or nearby, please call (951) 788-0808 or complete our online request form.